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General guidelines and restrictions

General guidelines and restrictions

Here you will find a simple overview of highlighted restrictions and nice-to-know guidelines

Thank you for keeping the vehicles clean and neat

No smoking

Smoking is not allowed in any of TADAA!’s vehicles.

For the sake of other members, please keep the vehicles smoke-free.

No pets

Pets of any kind are not allowed in the cars, including dogs, cats etc.

When sharing a car with other TADAA!-members, we kindly ask you to show consideration to allergy sufferers.

Always leave the car in good condition

Please take a look around the car for belongings and/or trash of any kind before leaving the car.

Forgot something? Customer service is available 24/7.

TADAA! as shared locations

TADAA!’s vehicles are organized in areas with one or more cars available. As a member, you simply choose what area/location you wish to become member of. Find the TADAA!car closets to you here (Danish). 

No commitment

If you choose a subscription with either 12 or 32 hours included, you can change to a smaller subscription or the Pay-per-Use every month. You just have to change subscription at the end of the current month.

Free mileage

All prices include free mileage. I.e. you can drive just as many kilometers as you wish within the timeline of your booking, as long as you return the car at the location before the bookings ends.

Free electricity

As a TADAA!-member you have unlimited power charging at more than 2,000 charging points across Denmark. Just look for any charging point with a TYPE 2-version. Find more information about the locations of these by download the apps: “E.ON” and “CLEVER”.

From time to time or subscription-based?

From A to A

Any trip in a TADAA!Car starts and ends at the same location. We call this “A-A transportation”. Choose between one or more vehicles, depending on the number of available cars in your area.

You need a smartphone

You lock/unlock the car via the App on your Smartphone. Your phone needs to have the latest software version in order to fully support the App. At least IOS 10.0 for iPhones, and 5.0 for Android phones.

Read more about how to download or update your TADAA! App here.

Valid driver’s license

In order to become a member of TADAA!, you need to have a valid and readable driver’s license approved by Danish Transportation Authorities.

Book a day for 495,- DKK

Going for a longer ride? As a TADAA!-member you can make a “day booking”. Simply mark your booking as “Dagstur” and purchase up to 24 hours of continuous driving for 495,- DKK. This option will reveal itself automatically when making a booking that lasts for more than 8 hours.

From ½ an hour at the time

You can always book a TADAA!Car down to 30 minutes at a time. TADAA! only charges you in ½ hours, and you can book as many ½ hours as you like – in a row or separately.

You pay for the entire booking

You always pay for the hole length of the booking, even though you choose to return the car before scheduled end of booking. Note, you can always extend your booking by ½ an hour at a time via the TADAA! app on your Smartphone – if the car is available after you.

Always pay in advance

You always pay for the trip in advance. 45 minutes before staring your booking, TADAA! reserves the amount on your credit card, and TADAA! withdraws the amount when you check-out. If you have a subscription, you always pay in advance.

You can always cancel your booking

You can always cancel your booking. Cancel at least six hours before your booking starts, and no fee will be charged. See the different fees below.

Cancel booking 5 hours before start: 10,- DKK

If you choose to cancel your booking 5 hours before start, you will be charged a fee of 10,- DKK., due to occupation of the car.

Cancel booking 1 hour before start: 20,- DKK

If you choose to cancel your booking 1 hours before start, you will be charged a fee of 20,- DKK., due to occupation of the car.

No show: 30,- DKK

You always have 15 minutes to check-in on your booking. If you don’t check-in at least 15 minutes after start or make a no-show, your booking will be automatically cancelled and you will be charged a fee of 30,- DKK.

Check-in 5 minutes before start

5 minutes before your booking starts, you will be able to check-in via the TADAA! app. Your status change from “ingen aktiv booking” (translation: no active booking) to “check-in”.

You will receive up to 5 unspent hours the next month

What happens if you have a subscription and you don’t use up all of the hours included in the subscription?

If you have hours in excess in a month, our system automatically transfers up to 5 unspent hours to the next month.

For example: You have a small subscription with 12 hours included per month. However, you only used 7 hours last month. Now the system automatically transfers the remaining 5 hours to your account for you to use next month. Hence, you will have a total of up to 17 hours available next month.

Even though you convert your subscription to “Pay-per-Use”.

When you return to late

If another TADAA!-member is delayed or cannot start their trip due to late return, you will receive a fee of 200,- DKK.

The first 100,- DKK. goes to the affected member, and the other 100,- DKK. is a late return fee.

In case of delay, please call TADAA! customer support at +45 41 200 700.

You have full responsibility

Once a TADAA!Car is booked from your account, with your account details, you have full responsibility of the car – no matter if you let another person drive the car.

In other words, you have the insurance liability and will have to pay the “self-paid amount” or the total amount for the damaged on the car, in case grossly negligent behavior – including parking and/or speeding tickets.

You pay the fines

If you receive a speeding ticket whilst driving, we forward the fine to you. You are responsible for paying any parking tickets you might incur. If TADAA! receives a late payment reminder including a fee, the amount will be withdrawn from your credit card.

Check-in 5 minutes before start

5 minutes before your booking starts, you will be able to check-in via the TADAA! app. Your status change from “ingen aktiv booking” (translation: no active booking) to “check-in”.