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Get to Skagen - ecofriendly

See all the beautiful sites in and around Skagen and drive anywhere for DKK 495/day. 

Be an ecotourist

See the beautiful sites of The Top of Denmark in an electrical car and enjoy the pleasures of being an environmental friendly visitor. 

Unlock the car with your phone

Book and unlock the car using the TADAA! app on your smartphone. The key is inside the glove compartment. 

DKK 495,- for a day

For DKK 495,- you get the car for up to 24 hours, unlimited mileage and charging. 

Visit the amazing Grenen and all the other sites

Endless beaches, sanddunes and cosy shopping. 

In Frederikshavn Kommune you are in for a treat as tourist. 

You can visit the beautiful sandbar Grenen and see much other unique nature, eat wonderful fish and much more. 

See all the tourist attractions here

How to rent the car

Register on the ferry

Take the car from Frederikshavn

Charge upon return

Lock the car with your phone

Charge the car here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reach of the car?

The listed reach is 115-170 kilometers. With steady and calm driving, you should be able to go at least 150 kilometers without charging.
Free charging for example at Grenen or in Skagen is included in your payment. 

See more in the Danish FAQ

Can I leave the car anywhere?

As long as you have booked the car you can leave in all legal parking spaces. Just lock it with the key from the glove compartment and enjoy yourself.
When your booking is done, you return the car to where you got it at Frederikshavn Havn. 

Read more in the Danish FAQ

Do I really need a subscription for one day?

When you sign up, it might look like you are subscribing to a continued service, but you are not as long as you choose "Betal pr. tur" (translated: pay pr trip). As a Betal pr. tur membership you just book the car up to 24 hours and mark it as an "Dagstur", then the price will change to 495 kr. all inclusive. Enjoy!

Read more in the Danish FAQ